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When History Geeks Attack

Someone - I won't say rotten_girl, except I just did - pointed out to me recently that when you have a Dominique de Villepin is Love colorbar in your user info, it's all fun and games until someone under 27 loses a job. Sure, it's cute as all heck when Shrub is all red-faced and bitter because France doesn't want to join his super-secret-no-girls-allowed treehouse club, but back on the farm the man has some esplainin' to do.

So just to prevent a riot breaking out on my friendslist, I decided to remove said colorbar. But rather than lose that special je ne sais quoi it brought my humble user info (and to keep poor Mr. Brett from getting lonely) I made a new one. It is equally French and equally full of pact-with-Satan hair, but is much less evil (unless you're Henri Frenay).

Here's le code. Just replaced [ ] with < > and you'll be in like Flynn.

[div align="center"]
[img src="http://kathleencromie.tripod.com/moulinislovebar_copy.jpg"]
[a href="http://adaptor.livejournal.com/60955.html"]Jean Moulin is Love[/a]

Between the Sherlock/Jeremy goodness and the Resistance/Moulin goodness, my inner 15-year-old literature/history geek is now very pleased with my info page.

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